Malee Duangdee was a contender for the world's tallest girl. She lived in Thailand with a height of 6' 10" (208cm). She weighed 127kg. Her feet were 32 cm. Duangdee passed away in 2016 at the age of 24.

Malee was the tallest in her village. Her height was caused by a tumor on her pituitary gland, located behind her eye. There were two attempts to remove the tumor but each time it grew back. Her only hope was a shot at an expensive tumor-shrinking drug.

She started her education at 13 years old, partly because her father's small motorbike was unable to accommodate her, and because her younger brother was too embarrassed to be seen in school with her. She went to school with students six years younger than her.

In the TLC documentary Malee was measured to see if she was the tallest girl on Earth. With this new worldwide fame, her family would have a chance at fame and fortune, and with it hope of permanently removing the tumor. At that time, she took prescription drugs to block excess growth hormone.

She was measured by a man that worked for the Guinness World Records Book, where he would measure her three times throughout the day, due to daily naturally occurring changes in height. She was 6' 10" on the first and last measurement of the day. She beat her rival for the title of tallest girl, Marvadene Anderson, by a few inches.

She appeared on the TLC documentary World's Tallest Children.

In Dec. 2013, Duangdee had a chance to meet Pornchai Saosri, the tallest man in Thailand, when they both consulted with the doctors about their illnesses at Ramathibodi Hospital in Bangkok.

Duangdee died from a heart attack in 2016 at a hospital in her hometown of Trat province. The doctors said Malee’s death followed a long history of chronic disease including high blood pressure, heart disease and a brain tumor. Before she passed way, she lived with her family in Bo Rai district and worked at a rubber plantation.


In Thailand, 360 km east of Bangkok, Thailand's state of Tor

In Thailand, 360 km east of Bangkok, Thailand's state of Tor

Thailand video of Malee Duangdee