Angelique in the TLC documentary "World Tallest Children"

Angleique is a healthy 8 year old girl living in Bristol in the UK. Angelique is the height of an average 15 yr old boy. That is something that happens 1 in 100 children. Angelique is the tallest girl in her year. Angelique said " I am taller than the boys in her year and forward".

Since the day she was born Angelique was above average.

Her father Nick, thinks that if she keeps on growing she will be picked on like he was. Her father Nick has been charting her height to predict how tall she will be as an adult.

She and her dad Nick went to a professor on a bone growth to see if she will be as tall as himself (Nick)

The Professor said that Angelique's bones are about 4 months in advance of her chronological age. So that means that her height is not really like that of an 8yr old, its like that of a girl who's about 4 months older than she is.

Her height was predicted to be 5'8 1/2 (173.8 cm).

Angelique hopes to be the same size as her dad. Her Dad is 6'11"